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BFE Architecture


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BFE Architecture
The firm serves as both consultant and resource to allow architects, designers, developers, facility managers and the general public
Published by Butler
BFE Architecture

BFE Architecture, PLLC combines professional design skills with a broad base knowledge of accessibility offered to clients and architectural projects. The firm serves as both consultant and resource to allow architects, designers, developers, facility managers and the general public an opportunity to incorporate access and universal design into the built environment. Barrier Free Design promotes economical, aesthetic and marketable design solutions that provide equal access to people of all ages and abilities. This philosophy produces compliance without "special features" that if applied after-the-fact create additional cost, negative perception and generates undue attention toward the user.

The incorporation of successful accessibility will always result in increased access to a greater number of users. This integral design will allow compliance, accessibility and design without introducing qualities associated with retrofit applications.

BFE Architecture, PLLC, is a North Carolina-based consulting firm specializing in design for people with disabilities. The firm provides accessible design and consulting at all stages of construction planning, including access surveys and reports for barrier mitigation, architectural services and product development and evaluation. The firmís focus is on implementing the intent and interpretation of the Americans with disabilities Act (ADA) requirements for compliance on Title II and Title III entities.

BFE Architecture is active in projects responding to requirements of the ADA, UFAS, Fair Housing and the new North Carolina Accessibility Code. The firm acts as a resource and sounding board to provide direction and assistance on many levels of the design process. BFE Architecture, PLLC, provides the valuable service of advising and correcting issues that increase or eliminate liability.

BFE Architecture started as a sister company to Barrier Free Environments, a firm established by Ron Mace, FAIA. This liaison was formed to meet the accessibility needs of the commercial building market. When Ron suddenly died in 1998, Don Hanks, AIA, took on this important work, and expanded the client base to include institutions of every kind.

About Don Hanks, AIA

Don Hanks has over 20 yearsí experience in all aspects of architecture. He is a licensed architect in Louisiana and North Carolina, and is NCARB certified. His clients are from both the public and private sector. In his current role as Principal Architect with BFE Architecture, PLLC, his responsibilities center on the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) and the architectural implications of accessibility laws. He serves as consultant on many educational projects for K-12, including Monongalia County schools in Morgantown WV, and Wake County Public Schools prototype reviews. University clients include University of Virginia, University of Wyoming, UNC Chapel Hill, UNC Pembroke, East Carolina University, NC State University, UNC Charlotte and Meredith College.

Before working with Barrier Free Environments, Inc, Don was involved in the intricacies of day-to-day activities in architecture. His responsibilities as Project Architect and Project Manager included architectural design, design development of construction documents, specifications writing and construction administration. Construction administration has been in the areas of commercial, institutional, industrial, medical, and residential projects and includes verification of compliance with construction documents and certification of accuracy of construction administration.
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Huligar Stone Restoration

Huligar Stone Restoration services natural stone which has been quarried from all over the world.

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Huligar Stone Restoration

Huligar Stone Restoration services natural stone which has been quarried from all over the world.



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